About Us - Maryjane Pizza
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About Us

New summer menus available from 12th Sept.


A friendly neighborhood pizza joint serving up fantastic artisan pizzas, inspired by the best from Naples and New York. We’ve created over 30 types of pizza for you, and we invite you to make your own unique pizza combination if you’re feeling creative. We’ve added great salads, appetizers and desserts to our menu to ensure there’s something for everyone.

We believe pizza doesn’t have to be expensive to be great, or boring to be cheap.



Founded in 2004, Maryjane Pizza has become an neighborhood icon and a right of passage to generations of Taiwan pizza lovers. Driven by the desire to open Taipei’s first truly artisanal pizzeria, our founder and namesake, Jane Chiang, headed to New York to work with master pizza chef Joe Pozzuoli of world famous Joe’s Pizza.

Having learned the secrets of making the perfect thin crust pizza, Jane returned to Taiwan with a mission – well, several missions. To make Taiwan’s best thin crust pizza, to be inspired by the tastes of New York and Italy to create the most original, unique and delicious pizzas possible, and to open a neighborhood pizzeria where people would always feel welcome and be assured of a great time.

She was successful on all fronts, and Maryjane’s first small location, tucked away in the bustling Shida night market, soon outgrew itself. Maryjane’s originality, great taste, and friendly service led to rapid growth, a bigger Shida venue, and a second location near Taida University. It soon became the place for friends and family to gather for every occasion. Walk in on a Saturday afternoon and discover students having their weekly get together. Come by Sunday and find families enjoying a meal. Check out lunch when the office crowd makes it their place of choice to help them get through the workday. Drop in on Friday and catch the 20 and 30 something crowd grabbing a slice and drink to kick off the weekend.

So what’s the secret to Maryjane’s success and longevity? Maybe it’s because our customers can walk in and have a slice of the great taste they fell in love with 13 years ago, or they can walk in and discover something new, fresh, and original to fall for. Come find out!