Eat In, Take Out Or Delivery - Maryjane Pizza
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Eat In, Take Out Or Delivery

Eat In, Take Out Or Delivery

  • Starters

  • #1 Soup of the Day 60

    Please ask your server.

  • #2 Pizza Bread90

    Our delicious pizza dough, baked, and served with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar

  • #3 Bruschetta160

    Diced tomatoes, onions, olive oil and fresh basil, served with our home-made focaccia bread. (4pcs)

  • #4 MJ Open Face Melty160

    Baked, sauteed mushrooms, mozzarella and paprika on home-made toasted focaccia bread. (4pcs)

  • #5 Baked Mushrooms180

    Baked champignon mushroom caps stuffed with mozzarella and pesto, served with focaccia bread or salad.


  • #51 Caesar Salad140/170

    Crispy romaine lettuce, tomatoes, olives, croutons, and lots of Parmesan. 

  • #52 Smoked Turkey Apple Salad180

    Smoked turkey, apple, almond flakes, tomatoes and a lemon vinaigrette

  • #53 Smoked Salmon Salad210

    Smoked salmon on a bed of lettuce, red onions, snow pea shoots, tomatoes and capers.

  • #54 Greek Salad180

    Lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers and olives. Topped with feta cheese and zesty lemon dressing.

  • #55 Maryjane Salad190

    Comes fully loaded with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, assorted sweet peppers, olives and snow pea shoots.

  • Add smoked turkey or salmon to any salad.+45

  • Any Drink + Garden Salad or Soup + Panna Cotta+120

  • From The Fryer

  • #200 French Fries80

    Crispy, golden brown fries. 

  • #201 Onion Rings80

    Fluffy and crunchy onion rings.

  • #202 The Volcano Fry110

    Spicy matchstick fries with deep fried breaded Jalapeños.

  • #203 Big Boy Fry Combo220

    Fries + Onion Rngs + Volcano Fry. 

  • #204 Sweet BBQ Wings150

    A more traditional Taiwanese take on chicken wings. (6 pieces)

  • #205 Buffalo Wings150

    We spent a lot of time in Buffalo. These are very close. (6 pieces) 

  • #206 Suicide Wings150

    If you are brave enough, come and get them. (6 pieces) 

  • PIZZA Tomato Sauce

  • #101 Margarita160

    Simple is sometimes all you need!

  • #102 Aloha180

    Say hello to our little Hawaiian friend – pineapple and ham

  • #103 Pepperoni230

    A classic – for all the right reasons

  • #104 Chicken & Mushroom240

    A great combination

  • #105 The Maryjane200

    Our homemade pesto sauce with a serious helping of mushrooms

  • #106 Maryjane Extra Kind230

    All the deliciousness of the Maryjane – with bacon!

  • #107 Herbivore210

    Tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini, eggplant, black olives and extra garlic.

  • #108 Mi Amigo210

    Jalapeños, red onions, smoked chicken and juicy roman tomatoes with our secret Genonese sauce

  • #109 Chorizo Sausage280

    Chorizo with sweet roasted red peppers

  • #110 Smoked BBQ Chicken235

    Succulent chicken and good old-fashioned American BBQ sauce with onions. Y’all enjoy now, you hear.

  • #111 Meat-za250

    Loads of bacon, topped with spiced, marinated beef, green peppers and onions.

  • #112 The Popeye270

    Spinach, egg, Parmesan and bacon

  • #113 Artichoke240

     California artichokes with black olives, tomatoes and fresh basil – for that Mediterranean touch.

  • #114 Pesto Chicken260

    Our house pesto with succulent baked chicken breast.

  • #115 The Copilot250

    Bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions.

  • #116 The Sicilian260

    Anchovies with black olives, capers, artichokes and generous slices of roman tomatoes. An offer you can’t refuse.

  • #117 Double Trouble300

    Double cheese, extra pepperoni, extra mushrooms, and double sauce (by request)

  • #118 Quattro Formaggi320

    Parmesan, blue cheese, ricotta and mozzarella.

  • PIZZA World Tour

  • #130 Hola Mexico230

    Pepperoni, made twice as nice with the spice of jalapeños.

  • #131 The Greek240

    Feta, black olives, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and cherry tomatoes

  • #132 The American260

    An American clasic, Pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers.

  • #133 K-POW290

    Barbequed beef, with sesame seeds and sliced garlic. 

  • #134 The Moroccan300

    Marinated lamb in Moroccan spices, topped off with cilantro and onions.

  • PIZZA Cream Sauce

  • #120 Country Classic210

    Ricotta cheese in cream sauce topped with thinly sliced potato

  • #121 Pineapple Express230

    Blue cheese and pineapple. A uniquely gratifying combination

  • #122 Country Supreme240

    Baked chicken breast and thinly sliced potato, seasoned with rosemary, made perfect with rich ricotta cream sauce. 

  • #123 Smoked Salmon300

    Smoked salmon paired with onions and capers.

  • #124 Captain Ahab290

    Shrimp, crab meat and squid. Rounded out with onions and green peppers

  • Sweet Tooth

  • #140 Pillow Fight150

    A Maryjane original; pizza mixed with an old-time campfire favorite. A chocolate and marshmallows smores covered pizza.

  • Desserts

  • #150 Panna Cotta60

    One of the most famous Italian desserts. Sweet tooth soothing

  • #151 Tiramisu100

    Real mascarpone and coffe soaked ladyfigers with whipped cream.

  • #152 Cheese Cake100

    All-time favorite.

  • Build Your Own

  • Cheese and Sauce Pizza160


    Tomato Sauce or Cream Sauce

  • 25元

    ham  green pepper  black olives  onion  eggplant  basil  caper  pineapple  jalapeño  egg

  • 35元

    roman tomato  mushroom  pesto  artichoke  spinach  smoked salmon  shrimp  anchovy  smoked chicken  bacon  pepperoni  baked chicken breast  grilled bell pepper  chorizo sausage  lamb  smoked turkey

  • 45元

    ricotta  Parmesan  gorgonzola  mozzarella  feta

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